How do you determine housing market feasibility?

Our residential housing marketing data is both accurate and timely. (This makes us better than our competitors.)

Imagine making a multi-million dollar development decision based on inaccurate housing data. The consequences for your company could be enormous. What is the source of your data? Can you be certain of its reliability? The housing market is changing rapidly – does the data you use reflect up-to-date information?

M.O.R.E. has been providing powerful and verifiable residential marketing data for over a quarter of a century. No one does data like M.O.R.E.

We provide accurate and timely housing data transformed into actionable intelligence that focuses on market conditions, builder competitiveness, key geographic submarkets, neighborhood competitivenes, lot pricing and inventory. State of the art software and data sorting are available for custom client use.

M.O.R.E: Who We Are

M.O.R.E. stands for Market Opportunity Research Enterprises®. We produce that body of analyses which have become popularly known as the M.O.R.E. Report, the standard of housing market analysis for over 30 years. Market Opportunity Research Enterprises® is a southeastern market analytics firm specializing in services for the residential for-sale construction and real estate industries. We invite you to explore our website and contact us for discussion and pricing to fit your needs. Learn more about our unique approach to collecting data!

  • We are your ONLY source for detailed, accurate BUILDER ABSORPTION analyses.
  • We are your ONLY source for analysis of ALL recorded transactions (listed, unlisted, FSBO),
  • Verifiable accuracy,
  • Same day shipping.
  • We focus on the residential market
  • Unparalled history of service
  • 80 combined years of experience and sophistication in analytic capability

Over thirty successful years in this business give us the experience and insight to translate data into powerful intelligence briefs on critical factors in each housing market we serve.