M.O.R.E. Answers

Don’t Make a Million Dollar Mistake

If you are responsible for making multimillion dollar decisions, you want accurate building lot and housing information you can use. 

M.O.R.E. is your only comprehensive source of building lot sales velocities and prices, down to the subdivision and builder within subdivision level. Without these, how can you really know whether you are paying too much for the rest of the available lots?

Our answer?

Our GPS-driven interactive analysis platform turns data into useful answers. Simply click on the geography for which you want information. Don’t make guesses. Make educated and informed decisions based on quality lot and new home information.

Our analyses highlight key trends, top builders, submarket, and subdivision analytics.

What Does Accurate Residential Housing Data Look Like?

Our easy to use software gives you the key to the answers you are looking for! Curious? Take a look at our intuitive platform!

Analysis Platform