M.O.R.E. Intelligence

Experience + Insight = Powerful Intelligence Briefs

Our experience and insight combine to translate data into powerful intelligence briefs on critical factors in each housing market.

1. Key Builders: Competitor analysis tracks top players

This analysis provides a quick overview of key builders in the local market and who’s gaining or losing share over the last 24 months. The analysis covers three product types – condominiums, town homes and single family detached.

2. Key Subdivisions: Meet the area’s most preferred neighborhoods

This analysis quickly identifies the strongest product and position among the three distinct home building product types.

3. Key Measures: Cogent analysis summarizes indicators and trends

An overall sense of local market conditions and trends is easily derived from this one-page analysis. A potent tool for quick evaluation, this summary analysis also identifies specific areas that warrant further investigation.

4. Key Geographic Submarkets: Map out a best-selling strategy

This one page analysis pinpoints the top selling price points in the hot locations and directs attention to where to look for potential new communities.

5. Custom Analytics: Define the relationships you want to explore

If you don’t see the answer you need, call us. With the depth of data we collect we can answer almost any question about the state of the housing market in the areas we track.

One custom analytic we developed in response to a client’s request is the ‘Strategic Space Map’. Designed to illustrate where there are opportunities in any new housing market, this one-page analytic is a powerful tool you can use to understand the dynamics of a single marketplace.

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