M.O.R.E. Methodology

Collecting Historical Housing Market Data

Don’t rely on a realtor, builder optimism or field accounting for your data. Rely on data from M.O.R.E. Why? Because our methodology is completely different from every one of our competitors.

We look at and verify our data from public transactions records (not a driveby, not a survey, not a phone call). Each quarter, in the counties we serve, we look at every deed recorded, each building permit issued, all newly recorded plats, and all planning commission meeting minutes (for new subdivision approvals). From this data, we build the database we analyze for our clients.

We are the ONLY data source which tracks all recorded transactions including acreage and lot sales as well as listed, unlisted and FSBO existing home transactions. Unlike our competition data is verifiable through public records.

The M.O.R.E. Difference

We believe that, in order to be competitive, a company in the residential for-sale construction marketplace must have on-going access to accurate, current knowledge about the conditions in that marketplace.

We believe in choice. You can purchase our analytics on an a la carte basis once or via annual subscription. Our proprietary data analysis platform allows you to customize your results so you get the data you want, in the sort order you need.

M.O.R.E. has continued to evolve as our client needs and requirements shifted and increased in levels of sophistication and use of technology.